Sitting is the new smoking because it increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease. It can also make your belly look fat by tightening your hip flexors and increasing your waist circumference. When you slump in a chair, abdominal muscles go slack while lower back muscles tighten, leading to a swayback. The sway in your low back pushes out the abdomen, and your hip flexors are too tight to pull the belly back into the core. The result is a bulging belly.
Besides the vanity issues, when you sit too much, you create a number of health issues:

• Weak bones: Too much sitting is directly related to the increase being seen in osteopenia and osteoporosis

• Organ damage to the heart, pancreas and colon

• Muscle decline

• Hormone problems, particularly the insulin response
• Bad back (disk compression, inflexible spine)

• Poor circulation in the legs (varicose veins)

• Overall, prolonged sitting increases the risk of diabetes by 112%, the risk of cardiovascular events by 147%, the risk of cancer by 29%, and the risk of all-cause mortality by 50%
Even if you are already exercising an hour each day, your workout cannot offset all the damage of excessive sitting. Allocating ten minutes from sedentary time to moderate-to-vigorous activity can significantly reduce waist circumference, and provide a host of other benefits.
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Original article published in PCCA Apothegram August 2017 – Sitting Is the New Smoking By John Preckshot, RPh, CCN, FAARM, PCCA Director of Wellness Works

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