Testosterone Replacement for Menopausal Women

Testosterone is mostly thought of as the male hormone.  Many women are surprised to find out that they too produce and need testosterone, albeit in much smaller quantities than men.  So what [...]

Should I Be Taking Progesterone After Menopause ?

Menopause is defined as the ceasing of menstruation. But, ask any menopausal woman and she can confirm that menopause is much more than that. Menopause is often accompanied by uncomfortable [...]

Cholesterol…How Low Can You Go?

Many of us have or know someone who has been told they have high cholesterol. High cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, which is viewed as the starting point for [...]

Wellness Journey day 18

  Hey Everyone! Only 3 days left on the elimination phase of my wellness journey, and I can’t wait to be on with the next phase.  Today, I’m sharing what’s been going on [...]